Zhankui Wang

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Wang Zhankui


Associate Professor and Master Tutor of Department of Education Science




Scholarly Interests

Philosophy of Education, Citizenship Education Research, Critical Educational Studies

Selected Publications


1.Wang, Z.K. (2014). Value Choice and Educational Politics: The Practical Logic in Michael W. Apple’s Critical Educational Studies. Beijing: Education Science Publishing House.

2.Wang, Z.K. (2009). (Participant) The International Comparisons of Educational Policy. Shanghai: Shanghai Education Publishing House.

3..Wang, Z.K. (2008). (Participant) The Theory of Lifelong Education Practice. Shanghai: Shanghai Education Publishing House.

4.Wang, Z.K. (2007). (Participant) The Developmental Annual Report of Chinese Education Discipline (2005). Shanghai: Shanghai Education Publishing House.

Translated Book:

1.Herbert Spencer. Education: Intellectual, Moral, and physical. Beijing: China Light Industry Press. (2016)

2.Michael W. Apple. Can Education Change Society? Shanghai: East China Normal University Press.(2014)


1.Wang, Z.K. (2016),”Natural Law” or “Filial Piety”: The Value Foundation of Confucius Philosophy of Citizenship Education. Nanjing Journal of Social Sciences, (10).

2.Wang, Z.K. (2016), Democracy as a Personality Quality–Issues on the Extended Line of John Dewey’s Philosophy of Education. Journal of Educational Science of Hunan Normal University, (3).

3.Wang, Z.K. (2015), The Amoralized “Laoshi” and Image-Reconstruction of Educators. Nanjing Journal of Social Sciences,(8).

4.Wang, Z.K. (2015), Distrustful Crisis, Trojan Horses and Power Magic: Revisiting Pilgrimage to the West in View of Educational Politics. Journal of Schooling Studies, (3).

5.Wang, Z.K. (2014), The State, Public Sphere, and Citizenship: The Historical Context and Contemporary Tasks of Chinese Civic Education. Nanjing Journal of Social Sciences, (8).

6.Wang, Z.K. (2013), From ‘Individual Teaching’ to ‘Collective Teaching Research’: On Contemporary Teacher’s Field Learning Capability. Research of Educational Development, (4).

7.Wang, Z.K. (2013), Mission of Critical Education and Methodology of Criticism in Education. Journal of Educational Studies, (1).

8.Wang, Z.K. (2012), On Transformation of Methodology between Education Research and Other Sciences. Nanjing Journal of Social Sciences, (8).

9.Wang, Z.K. (2012), The Critical Logic of Michael W. Apple’s Critical Educational Studies. Educational Research, (4).

10.Wang, Z.K. (2011), ‘Equity’ or ‘Goodness’ econsideration on the Philosophical Basis of Moral Education. Educational Research, (3).

Research Projects:

1.Approved to preside over the Ministry of Education 2012 Annual General Humanities and Social Sciences project(Project Grant No.: 12YJC880112), “The Philosophical Basis Research of Transformation Period of Our Civic Education”. (2012)

2.Participating in the Key Project of the Ministry of Education in Philosophy and Social Science Research, “Socialist Core Value System into the Path of National Education ,Innovative Research Methods ” ( Professor Shi Zhongying hosted ). (2012)

3.Participating in the National Education”12th Five Year Plan” Project, “Evolution and Development Trend of Contemporary Chinese Educational Research Methodology” (Professor Li Zhengtao hosted). (2012)

4.Participating in the Ministry of Education Changjiang Scholars (Chaired by Professor Shi Zhongying) Project, “Social Transition of Primary and Secondary’s Value Education”, designed the logo of”China Value of Education Alliance School”, Participate in Editing the “China Value of Education Newsletter”, translate the”National Framework of Value Education in Australia – General Report”. (2008)

5.Participating in the Shanghai Education Commission Education Science Research Project, “Regional Youth Extracurricular Activities Innovative Education Practice Research” (Professor Wu Zunmin presided over project approval, No.: C0629, Xuhui District Youth Center Director Qianjiang hosted). Responsible for Sub-Project “Theory of Juvenile Quality Education of the New Century in Transition “.(2007)

6.Participating in the Shanghai Education Commission Education Science Research Project (Professor Wu Zunmin presided over, Project Approval No.: 066 921 043), “Promoting Lifelong Education’s Path and Mechanism in Shanghai”, 3rd Sub-Topics “Countermeasures and Suggestions about Shanghai Promotion of Lifelong Education Path and Mechanism”, the writing and the overall report drafting. (2006)

7.Participating in Shanghai Decision-Making Advisory Committee Key Point Tender Subject (Professor Wu Zunmin presided over, Project Approval, NO.: B05010), “School and Community in International Metropolis–to Build Countermeasures of Learning Community in Shanghai”. (2006)


1.The Second Award of Shanghai 13th Philosophy and Social Sciences Outstanding Achievement by Value Choice and Educational Politics: The Practical Logic in Michael Apple’s Critical Educational Studies.(2016)

2.The First Award of Shanghai Teacher’s Handwritings (Handwritings of Brush Pen, Fountain Pen and Chalk). (2016)

3.The Chinese Version of Can Education Change Society won “Top 100 Powerful Books for Chinese Teachers”(China Education Daily). (2014)

4.Nomination Award of “National Award for outstanding doctoral dissertation”.(2013)

5.The PhD thesis “Value Choice and Education Politics: the Practice Logic in Michael W. Apple’s Educational Studies”, (Advisor: Shi Zhongying) won the “Beijing Excellent Doctoral Dissertation Award”.(2012)

6.”2010 Ministry of Education PhD Scholar Award”(2010)

7.The Master’s degree thesis “Uncovering the ‘Feibai’ World of Education: Probing the Educational Practices Logics”, (Advisor: Professor Wu Zunmin) won the “Outstanding Graduate of Shanghai achievement Award”. (2009)

8.The First Prize of Ninth East China Normal University Graduate Arts Festival painting competition. (2005)

9.The first organized by the Education Department of Henan Normal Graduate Teaching Skills Competition, first prize.(2002)