Hailan Zhao

2017-12-13  |   1,290 views

Zhao Hailan


Associate professor of Department of Education Information Technology




Scholarly Interests

Edutainment, Smart Learning

Selected Publications


1.The Action Level of Education Games and the Influence of Learners’ Personality Type on Intrinsic Motivation, 2015.

2.The Influence of Learning Strategies on Academic Achievement, Game Flow and Learning Satisfaction in Online Gamification Learning Environment, 2014.

3.The Theoretical Analysis of Experiential Learning Model Construction in Ubiquitous Technology Environment, 2010.

4.The Relevance Analysis among Learners’ Impulsiveness, Metacognition and Flow and Mathematical Problem-Solving Ability, 2009.

5.Integration Learning Based on Ubiquitous—Overseas Case Analysis and Its Enlightenment, 2008.

6.The Influence of the Teaching Based on Digital Games on Students’ Learning Interest and Grades—Centered on English Teaching, 2007.

7.The Analysis of The Critical Supporting Technology of the U-Learning Environment, 2007.

8.The International Research Trend of Education Games and Its Enlightenment, 2006.