Zheng Ke

2017-12-13  |   1,108 views

Ke Zheng


Reseacher of the Institute of Curriculum and Instruction




Scholarly Interests

Edcational Policy and Institutional Analysis; Curriculum theory; Sociology of Education; Research Methods in Education

Selected Publications


1.The accumulation of educational science knowledge——Study on American Education Empirical Research Strategy,2017.

2.On the Construction of the Comprehensive and Unified High School Curriculum System,2016.

3.Tian Ji’s Horse-racing Strategy in the Context of Choosable Test Subjects: Causes and Countermeasures,2016.

4.Curriculum Reform and the Opportunity of Academic Success of Rural Students Based on Eight-year Data of Senior High School Entrance Examination from City A,2016.

5.Curriculum Policy based on Key Competencies Review on the 13th Shanghai International Curriculum Forum,2016.

6.Review of International Research Advancement in Curriculum and Teaching,2016.

7.An Investigation of Homework in the Eyes of Middle School Students,2016.

8.Three Challenges the School Curriculum Facing under the New College Entrance Examination Background,2015.

9.Historical Experience, the Potential Risk of Science and Policy Recommendations of General Education,2015.

10.How to Abolish Science -humanities The Suggestions Based on the Pros and Cons of Alternatives Division Policies,2014.