Tingjin Zhi

2017-12-13  |   1,385 views




Zhi Tingjin



Professor of National Institute of Educational Policy Research



+8621- 62231105


Scholarly Interests

Education management,Education administration,Education policy, etc.

Selected Publications

1.Does Education, Management and Ethics be Totally Irrelevant?,2016.

2.Evidence-based Analysis on Education Public Opinion,2016.

3.How the Secondary School Principals'Informationization Leadership can Influence the School Informationization Efficiency An empirical analysis based on structural equation model,2016.

4.The Impact of Information Technology on Students’ DigitaI Reading Achievement: Evidence from PISA,2016.

5.The Development and Future of Individualized Education,2016.

6.Equalization of Basic Public Service in Compulsory Education under New Urbanization: Policy Dilemmas and Priorities,2015.