Jiaxian Zhou

2018-04-10  |   1,974 views

Name: Zhou Jiaxian


Department: Department of Educational Psychology


Zhou Jiaxian is a professor in the Department of Educational Psychology and the deputy director of the Center for Educational Neuroscience, East China Normal University. In 2004, she received her PhD degree in Education, and after that, she completed her first postdoctoral fellowship at the State Key Laboratory of Cognitive Neuroscience and Learning in Beijing Normal University. Then she worked as a visiting scholar and a postdoctoral fellow at Harvard Graduate School of Education. With her learning and research experiences in the combination of education and neuroscience, she became an executive editor-in-chief for the Journal of Bio-Education in China. In 2011, she was elected to the board of directors of the International Mind, Brain and Education Society. Also in this year, she became a board member of the Brain Science and Education Division at Chinese Society of Education as well as the Pujiang Talent in Shanghai. 2017, she was chosen as a consultant of IBRO/IBE-UNESCO.

Jiaxian Zhou has published many papers on the topic of educational neuroscience in both Chinese and English, such as “Culturally appropriate education: Insights from educational neuroscience”. She is the editor-in-chief of four collections in this field, among which, “Educational neuroscience and the promotion of populace quality” (including 8 books) was recognized as the State Key Books of Twelfth Five-year Plan(2011-2015) in China. She authored and co-authored 5 Chinese books: “Educational neuroscience: The construction of a new discipline and the innovation of education” (2016), “Educational neuroscience: Evidence-based educational policy and practice” (2016),”Educational neuroscience: The innovation of second language education” (2016), “Educational neuroscience: Mission and future”(2016) and “Introduction to educational neuroscience” (2009).