Yong Zhou

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Zhou Yong



Professor of the Institute of Curriculum and Instruction





Scholarly Interests

Chinese Traditional Culture and Education, Culture Studies and Curriculum Theory, History of Curriculum Reform in China and America

Selected Publications

“Major Articles:

1.Knowledge and Educational Conflicts in Modern Society, in Educational Research(Jiaoyu Yanjiu),2003,No.3

2.Literature, Film and The Pedagogy of Life, in Global Education(Quanqiu Jiaoyu Zhanwang), 2013, No.8.

3.Happy Curriculum: Zhang Dai’s Turn of Everyday life and Its Destination in Late Ming Dynasty, in Educational Evelopment Research(Jiaoyu Fazhan Yanjiu), 2014,No.18.

4.The Pedagogy of City Life in Edward Yang’s Film, in Peking University Educational Review, 2015,No.2

5.A Century Delimma of Curriculum Development in Modern China and Its Historical Lessons, in Educational Development Research, 2017,No.2

6.The Educational Struggle of the Poor Students and Their Social Mobility, in The Journal of Nanjing Normal University, 2017,No.4.

7.The Tragic Destity of the Department of Education at The University of Chicago, in Reading(Du Shu), 2010,No.3

8.The Unstable Discipline and Profession: A Hundred-Year Problem of the Havard Graduate School of Education, in Peking University Educational Review, 2012, No.2

Major Monographs:

1.The Pedagogy of Chinese Traditional Culture in Famous Schools in South East China, Beijing: The Press of Educational Science, 2008.

2.The Knowledge Power and Elite Students in the Field of Modern School, Beijing: The Press of Beijing Normal University, 2010.

3.The Cultural Turn and Curriculum Reform in Late Qing Dynasty and Republican China, The Press of East China Normal University, 2015.”