Zhiting Zhu

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Zhu Zhiting



Professor and Doctorial Tutor of School of Open Learning and Education






Scholarly Interests

Education Information Theory And System Planning, Digital Education System Architecture And Technical Standards, Information Technology Teaching Reform And Innovation, Information-Oriented Teacher Professional Development, Network Distance Education, Technology And Information Culture

Selected Publications

Major Academic Works:

1. Education Technology Training Course Teaching,Beijing Normal Edition

2. Education Technology Training Course, Higher Education Press,2004

3. Modern Educational Technology – Entering Information Education, Higher Education Press,2006.

Academic Papers:

1. “After Mooc” Period Of Online Learning New Style[J].Open Education Research,2014,(6)

2. Innovation In Education: An Innovative Education Practice Field For Information Technology[J].China ‘S Audio – Visual Education,2015,(5)

3. Practice And Reflection On The Application Of Translating Classroom In China[J].Research On Electrification Education,2015,(6).

4. From Crew To Motivations: Cultivating Culture[J].Research On Electrification Education,2015,(7).

5. Seamless Learning – A New Normal State In The Digital Age[J].Open Education Research,2015,(2).

6. The Technical Force In Educational Change[J].China ‘S Audio – Visual Education,2014,(1).

7. The Individual Learning Space And Its Information Model For Individuals[J].China ‘S Audio – Visual Education,2015,(8).

8. New Development Of Wisdom Education: From Tilting Classroom To Wisdom Classroom And Wisdom Learning Space[J].Open Education Research,2016,(2).

9. An Interpretation Of The Standard Of Application Ability Of Information Technology In Primary 10. And Middle School Teachers [J].Research On Electrification Education,2015,(9).

11. The Reverse Innovation In Information Education[J].Research On Electrification Education,2014,(3).