2023 International HighlightsⅠ: The Global Education Deans’ Forum

2024-01-12  |   95 views

The Global Education Deans’ Forum (GEDF) was jointly initiated in 2018 by ECNU and the University of Kansas. The GEDF is a mechanism for cooperation and dialogue for the world’s education leaders and responding to various global challenges in education field. The First and Second GEDF were held at ECNU in 2018 and 2019. The 3rd GEDF was hosted offline by Boston College, USA, on  October 20, 2022.

This year, in 2023, from October 18 to 20, GEDF was successfully held in Dublin, Ireland. The forum was jointly organized by the Institute of Education of Dublin City University, the College of Education of University of Galway, and the Mary Immaculate College. Twenty-three deans from four continents gathered in Dublin to discuss the development opportunities and challenges of education in the new era. They shared experience, deeply interacted and established cooperation, and finally found solutions to the educational problems. In this forum, 23 global deans had focused on the following issues: Shortage of Teacher Resources, AI in Education, The Diversity of Teachers, and the Impact of Culture War on Education.



The delegation from ECNU Faculty of Education actively participated in the three-day forum, engaging in in-depth discussions and dialogues with deans of the world’s first-class education schools. Dean YUAN Zhenguo shared the latest advancements in Chinese education, introducing the latest development of AI in education at ECNU. It has been reported that GEDF will return next year to its launch place– ECNU in Shanghai.