Campus Life

The life in Faculty of Education holds infinite possibilities. Whatever you plan to become in the future, such as leader in the field of education, educator, elite in workplace or entrepreneur, the faculty will offer all-directional support. The shadow principal program enables you to keep up with the status quo of China’s education, extracurricular activities on innovation teach you how to scientifically solve the educational problems, the Maker Education Initiative provides you with strong support in starting your own business, and the E-Career studio equips you with the skills tackling challenges in future career. All you need to do is to cherish these precious opportunities.

Learning accounts for a small fraction of the life in Faculty of Education. The faculty boasts vital student organizations, hundreds of vigorous student clubs and various variety shows and athletic meetings. Nearly 200 annual student activities, social practice during vacations and weekly voluntary service are all awaiting you to show the talent. In addition, you may linger on places like Meng Xiancheng Library, seminar rooms in the Arts Building and communal spaces specialized for students. Every activity or facility is elaborately designed for students’ content.

The life in Faculty of Education features love and warmth. The faculty not only cheers for your growth and success, but also offers timely help when you are in need. Heart-to-heart communications with teachers will ease your anxiety or depression; Sound subsidy system will relieve your economic burden; Dancing shows and dumplings will add a festive atmosphere to your stay during the vacations; Ample ethnic activities will make minority students feel at home. The Faculty of Education serves as academic community featuring passion and reciprocity.