Aofei Lou

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Lou Aofei



Lecturer of Institute of Higher Education




Scholarly Interests

Higher Education History

Selected Publications


1.The Student Autonomy and Student Strike in Campus After the Movement of May 4th, 2013.

2.’Dedication to Public Interests, Acquisition of All-Roud Capability, and Aspiration for Progress with Each Day’: Yan Xiu, Zhang Boling and Nankai Middle School, 2013.

3.The Interaction between Universities and the Bottom of Urban Society: A Study of the Experimentation Area of Public Education in the Republic of China, 2013.

4.From ‘Picking Talents’ to ‘Cultivating Talents’—The Implementation of the Guimao School System and the Transformation of the Foundation of Social Talents, 2012.

5.Cai Yuanpei and the Remodeling of Peking School’s Spirit, 2011.

6.The Reinterpretation of Cai Yuanpei’s Resignation in 1926, 2010.

7.The Ideal Pursuit and Realistic Situation of All-Embracing: The Historical Memory of the Idea of China’s Modern University, 2010.

8.The New Reasons for Cai Yuanpei’s Resignation in 1923, 2008.

9.The Reinterpretation of Cai Yuanpei’s ‘All-Embracing’, 2008.

10.From the History of Pedagogy to the Academic History of Pedagogy, 2005.

11.Cai Yuanpei’s Experience in Germany and His Researches on the Idea of University, 2005.v