Huimin Hu

2017-12-13  |   1,549 views

Hu Huimin


Professor of the Department of Early Childhood Education



Scholarly Interests

Teacher professional development, curriculum and teaching theory

Selected Publications

1.The Historic Change of China’s Education Researcher’s Role[J]. Education Development Research, 2017.

2.The Research over the Current Situation of New Teachers’ Training Need[J].

3.The Research over the Strategy of Construction of Law Teacher Team[J]. Modern Education,2016.

4.The Research over Middle School Teachers’ Class Preparation in City Z[J]. Teacher Education Journal,2016.

5.The Questionnaire Development over Students’ Assignment Burden in the Period of Compulsory Education[J]. Global Education Outlook,2016.

6.The Practice and Thinking about the Project “Promoting the Curriculum Leadership”[J]. Basic Education Curriculum,2016.

7.The Development of Integrated Online Course Including Textbook and Teaching Method Research in Shanghai’s Elementary and Middle Schools(Kindergarten)[J]. Shanghai Curriculum Teaching Research,2016.

8.To Observe the Fairness of Learning Opportunity from Classroom Questioning[J]. Education Development Research,2016.