Chunling Liu

2017-12-13  |   2,048 views

Liu Chunling


Professor of the Department of Special Education


+021 62228720

Scholarly Interests

Special children’s development and education, Special education management, etc.

Selected Publications


1. Introduction to Special Education, Shanghai: East China Normal University,2016.


1. Promoting Connotative Development Through Professional Orientations:The Interpretation of Regulations on the Education for the Disabled,2017.

2. Ethical Norms and Codes of Conduct: An Investigation into the IEP (Individualized Education Program )-Based Professional Ethics of Teachers of Schools for Children with Intellectual Disabilities,2017.

3. The process of construction of spatial representation in the unfamiliar environment in the blind:The role of strategies and its effect,2016.

4.A Study of Virtual Reality Technology Aided the Blind Constructing Spatial Representation,2015.

The Impact of Lack of Visual Experience on the Spatial Representation of the Familiar Environment in the Blind,2015.

5. A Comparative Study of Solving the Tower of Hanoi Problem Between Blind Students and Sighted Students,2014.