Liyong Zhang

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Zhang Liyong



Lecturer of Department of Education Science 


Scholarly Interests

History of Chinese Education, Curriculum Research

Selected Publications


1.Zhang, L.Y. (2009) (First Author). The Hardship of Pioneering Work :1949-1946(the 60 Years of History of Education in the P.R.China. Volume 1). Guangdong: Guangdong Education Press.

Articles (2011-2016):

1.Zhang, L.Y. (2017). On Shidao and Corporal Punishment. Global Education, (3).

2.Zhang, L.Y. (2016). From “the Enemies of Edification” to “the Friends of Education”: Position Changes of Leisure Readings in Education. Journal of Schooling Studies, (5).

3.Zhang, L.Y. (2016). Yan Tie Lun in the History of Higher Normal Education: A Study on the Controversy of Pecking Normal University by both Politicians and Academics in 1932. Journal of Educational Science of Hunan Normal University, (1).

4.Zhang, L.Y. (2015). The Advantage and Disadvantage of Comprehensive School in Modern China. Journal Of Educational Studies, (2).

5.Zhang, L.Y. (2014). MENG Xiancheng and HU Xiansu’s Controversy about the Existence of Normal Universities in 1925. Journal of East China Normal University (Educational Sciences), (2).

6.Zhang, L.Y. (2013). Should Educology be an Independent Discipline in the University? Modern University Education, (5).

7.Zhang, L.Y. (2013).The Third Road of Education Construction. Journal of East China Normal University (Educational Sciences), (1).

8.Zhang, L.Y. (2013).Say Goodbye to Punishment. Journal of Educational Science of Hunan Normal University, (2).

9.Zhang, L.Y. (2009). Rise and Fall of the Instant Schooling of the Workers and Peasants. Journal of Hebei Normal University (Educational Science Edition), (11).

10.Zhang, L.Y. (2008). Comparison of Curriculum Timetables among America, Britain, France, Japan and Russia. Comparative Education, (6).

Research Projects(Since 2000):

1.The Youth Project of National Education Sciences Fund of China during the 12th Five-Year Plan (Project No.:COA120173), “The Research of Shidao in China”.

2.The Project of Shanghai Chenguang Plan (Project No.:13CG22), “The Perspective of Traditional School Life in Historical Images”.


1.Baogang Outstanding Student Award. (2011)

2.The Third Award of the 4th National Education Scientific Research Outstanding Achievement, Writing Class.(2011)

3.The First Award of Shanghai 8th Deng Xiaoping Theory Research and Publicity Outstanding Achievement, Writing Class.(2010)