Min He

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Min He


Associate professor of the Department of Early Childhood Education




Scholarly Interests

1.Early Childhood Curriculum

2.Young children’s Science learning and education

3.Reflection of Chinese Early Childhood through comparative research (cooperation with Norway)

4.Space and Time in Education

5.0-3 years old children’s nursing and education

6.Issues on educators(parents and teachers ) for young children

Selected Publications


1.Becoming independent from Love to separate , Early Childhood Education (Family version)1-2 , 2017.

2.(as second author) Practice and Development :Reflection on Open Teaching of Shanghai New Kindergarten Teachers. Early Childhood Education (Educational Sciences)P65-69, vol.573-574,No.1-2,2013.

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4.Norwegian preschool education observation: Transformation from Kindergarten to Primary School , Shanghai Nursery and kindergarten ,P26-27,No.11,2010.

5.Norwegian preschool education observation: Drama in Education for Young Children , Shanghai Nursery and kindergarten P28-29,No.10,2010.

6.Norwegian preschool education observation: Keep Preschool Education Quality. Shanghai Nursery and kindergarten ,P26-27,No.9,2010.

7.Norwegian preschool education observation: Teachers’Role in Norwegian Kindergarten, Shanghai Nursery and kindergarten ,P42-43,No.7-8,2010.

8.Norwegian preschool education observation: Enter into Kindergarten from 1 Year Old, Shanghai Nursery and kindergarten ,P28-29,No.6,2010.

9.Norwegian preschool education observation: Go into Nature -Young Children’s Outdoor Activity , Shanghai Nursery and kindergarten ,P28-29,No.5,2010.

10.(as second author) Adaptation to Kindergarten Revelation from Parents’ Perspective .P33-36 Early Childhood Education (Educational Sciences)P28-32, vol.409,No.9c,2010.

11.(as the third author)On Teachers’ Culture Cultivation , Teacher Education Research ,P 21-24,vol.20,No.4,2008

12.Comparison and Reflection on Preschool Teacher Training Home and Abroad ,Early Childhood Education (Educational Sciences)P28-32, vol.388,No.12c,2007.

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