Qinzhen Qian

2017-12-13  |   1,492 views

Qian Qinzhen


Associate professor of the Department of Early Childhood Education




Scholarly Interests

Preschool Children’s Language

Picture Of The Implicit Memory Of The Study

Kindergarten Teachers Professional Growth Research

0-6 Year-Old Infant Mental Health And Family Education Research

Selected Publications


1.An Experimental Study On Implicit Memory Of Specific Images And Abstract Images[J].Psychological Science, 1999.5

2.Is There A Similar Effect Of Word In Word Exchange? (Second Author)[J].Psychological Science, 2002.04

3.The Evolution Of The Theory Of Speech Processing (Second Author)[J].Psychological Science, 2003.04

4.Research On The Structural Factors Of Teacher’s Job Satisfaction (Second Author), [J].Psychological Science, 2006.1

5.Female College Students’ Mental Health Test And Cultivation (Independent Author)[J].Psychological Science, 2004.07

6.Research On Kindergarten Organization Climate And Teacher Professional Development Structure Model (First Author)[J].Psychological Science, 2007.7.

7.A Review Of Teacher Professional Identity Studies (Second Author)[J]. Early Childhood Education, 2007.7, 8

8.The Construction And Development Of Kindergarten Teachers In China In The Past 60 Years (The Third Author), Early Childhood Education, 2009.10

Compiled By:

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