Weijie Wang

2017-12-13  |   1,523 views

Wang Weijie


Associate professor of Department of Education Information Technology




Scholarly Interests

Educational technology theory, information-based teaching design, ICT education application

Selected Publications


1.Effective teaching psychology, 2013.

2.Teaching children to learn, 2013.

3.Evidence-based Teaching: an effective teaching method,2013.

4.The basic skills of effective teaching, 2013.

5.The skills of effective explaining and questioning, 2013.

6.education technology, 2011.

7.Trends and problems in instructional design and technology, 2008.

8.course and the integration of information technology, 2007.

9.To explore the application of Programmed Instruction Theory in the teaching of information technology in middle schools, 2007.

10.The current situation analysis and countermeasure research of the vocational and technical education training online school, 2007.

11.The practice of education informatization in primary and secondary schools in China: progress and Prospect, 2006.

12.Reflections on bilingual course construction of ‘Educational Technology’, 2006.

13.Media Psychology, 2003.

14.The model orientation and trend analysis of international teacher education, 2002.

15.Privatization of Education: a hot spot in International Education, 2002.

16.informatization construction of Teacher Education, 2002.

17.    The model orientation, development trend and related research of international teacher education, 2000.

18.    Reflections on strengthening information technology training for primary and secondary school teachers, 2000.