Lixin Yi

2017-12-13  |   1,171 views

Lixin Yi


Lecturer of the Department of Special Education



Scholarly Interests

Selected Publications


1. A Preliminary Study On The Establishment And Analysis Of Junior High School Students’ Internet Addiction Inventory[J].Educational Theory And Practice,2010,(3).

2. A Survey Of Job Satisfaction Of Diversified Employees[J].Social Psychology,1999,(9).

3. A Comparative Study On Pragmatic Exchange Behaviors Between Chinese Children With Severe Hearing Impaired Chinese And Their Healthy Mothers[J].Educational Theory And Practice,2012,(11).

4. Study On The Effect Of Correlation Error On Estimated Parameters In Latent Variable Measurement Model[J].Summary Of The National Conference On Education And Psychology,2006,(5).

5. A Comparative Study On The Reliability And Validity Of The Submergence Measurement Model And The Classical Measurement Theory[J].East China Normal University,2002,(5).