Yong Zhang

2017-12-14  |   1,369 views

Zhang Yong


Assistant researcher of the Institute of Vocational & Adult Education




Scholarly Interests

community development and education,

basic theory of adult education,

“life and practice” education.

Selected Publications

1.The Model Construction of the Ability of Teachers in Community Education-in the perspective of Comparison between China and European Union. Global Education Outlook,2015.

2.The Best Practice That European Union Promotes Young People’s Learning Flow and Its Enlightenment. Modern Continuing Education,2015.

3.Go to Life Aesthetics: the New Orientation of Community Adult Education Research. Hebei University Adult Education Institution Journal.

4.Foreign Colorful Community Education. Social Science News,2014.

5.The Research on New Type of Urbanization and Community Education Development. Open Education Research,2014.

6.Increase Learning Quality: Promote Adult Education Quality through Team Development. Higher Continuing Education Journal,2014.

7.Community Education: the Thinking back to the Start. China Adult Education,2013.