National Training Center for Secondary School Principals, Ministry of Education

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The National Training Centre for Secondary School Principals(NTCSSP) Ministry of Education China was founded on October 27 1989 .This training centre is located in East China Normal University Shanghai which is a most dynamic city in China and the university is one of the key institutions of higher learning influential both at home and abroad. NTCSSP is the only national training base for secondary school principals from the provincial highly performing(also known as key point)schools and for other educational administrators throughout the country. Its fundamental mission is to train those principals as well as administrators to promote their initiatives of the educational reform. The ultimate purposes are to help those who were trained become the leaders in the field of educational development; to explore a best educational leadership training framework which meets the demands of our educational reform and initiatives ; and to play an exemplary model for the whole country’s educational leadership training. NTCSSP is also where the director and secretary-general of the National Experts Committee for Primary and Secondary Principals’ Training is based. Currently,Professor DAI,Ruihua is director of this centre.

NTCSSP has undertaken a number of important research projects, consultant projects and training programs from the central government , the local authorities and schools at all level, Furthermore, the centre has been actively involved in providing services for the basic education in China , which has produced profound influence nationally and internationally.

NTCSSP strives to be an internationally recognised secondary school principals training centre and a member of the international community of scholarly institution.

Since the NTCSSP was established in almost 30 years, actively seeking for a ” high-level、professionalized、high-quality” developing road of the secondary school principals’ training. The NTCSSP has made a positive contribution to the reform and development of China’s basic education. It has held over 500 training program mostly for the excellent secondary principals and administrative cadre in the education system for the whole country, more than 30000 persons The NTCSSP has established a good reputation in the basic education field. It is kindly named as “The Cradle of Educationist” by the principals.