Delegation of the Faculty of Education Visits University of Tsukuba in Japan

2017-04-17  |   1,235 views

The Delegation of the Faculty of Education, East China Normal University, headed by Deputy CPC Secretary, Chunhong Han, made an academic visit to the University of Tsukuba, Japan from March 6th to 8th, 2017. Yun Bai, Director of the Instruction Affairs Division, Xiaoqin Wang, Deputy Dean of the School of Teacher Education, Professor Chunling Liu from the Department of Special Education, Professor Xiaomin Shen and Associate Professor Yueqin Li from the School of Teacher Education along with four doctoral students joined the visit.

University of Tsukuba, a famous university in Japan, has a long history and a strong foundation of research. It has graduated a large number of talents for the field of education in Japan. Hirofumi Hamada, Director of the Graduate School of Comprehensive Human Sciences and Professor of the Faculty of Human Sciences, on behalf of all the teachers and students in the faculty, gave a warm welcome to the Chinese delegation’s arrival and introduced the developmental history and academic features of the University of Tsukuba and the Faculty of Human Sciences.

筑波大学人间系 教师合照

On March 6th, Zheng Li, Lu Qu, Yonggang Li and Xiaochang Yu, 4 doctoral students from East China Normal University; Chika Ebata, Yumi Oyake and Guangxiao Lv, 3 graduate students from University of Tsukuba, respectively gave a report on their research and had a positive exchange and discussion with each other.


During the visit, Ms. Caroline F. Benton, Vice President & Executive Director of the University of Tsukuba, Yingnan Yang, Director of Shanghai Office of the University of Tsukuba, Yoshiaki Sato, Vice Executive Director for Global Affairs, met with our visiting faculty and students. Ms. Caroline F. Benton expressed high commendation for the seminar and actively looked forward to the future exchange of teachers and students as well as cooperation between affiliated schools. In the meantime, Deputy CPC Secretary Chunhong Han introduced the history, development and research advantages of the Faculty of Education, East China Normal University, and expressed heartfelt thanks for the warm reception and detailed arrangements from University of Tsukuba.



The delegation also attended the annual alumni reunion activity in the faculty, in which Deputy CPC Secretary Chunhong Han as guest gave a congratulatory address.


The delegation later visited Takezono Higashi Elementary School, a primary school located in the city of Tsukuba. The Principal gave a warm welcome to the delegation and elaborated the history, development, orientation, teaching and research features of the school. The delegation visited some classes and made in-depth discussions and exchanges with the school teachers.

日本小学参观 课堂

日本小学参观 合照

The visit in the University of Tsukuba in Japan not only enhances and expands the academic vision and practice ability of teachers and students, but also promotes deeper cooperation and academic exchanges in the field of education.