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Department of Educational Information and Technology (DEIT)

East China Normal University

East China Normal University (ECNU) is a comprehensive research university in China. The Department of Educational Information Technology (DEIT) belongs to the Faculty of Education. DEIT is the first in China to integrate art and science disciplines, and applies its interdisciplinary studies in educational information and technology. Through the collaborative efforts by its faculty and students in the past 30 years, DEIT has established itself as the leader in creating innovative curricula, and is especially known for computer-supported teaching and learning. In recent years, DEIT has further expanded its specialty in learning sciences and learning technologies thanks to the “Shanghai Peak I Project.”

To further strengthen its research capacity and to provide a high-level quality platform for recently graduated outstanding PhD students who are dedicated in education research, we are seeking accomplished candidates in China or overseas for 2-3 post-doctoral positions in the department.

The postdoctoral positions will remain open until filled.

Contract term: 2 years


  1. Healthy and good work ethics.
  2. Having obtained PhD degrees within 2 years, PhD candidates are also considered.
  3. Age preference: 35 or under (with exception for extraordinary candidates).
  4. Having a solid foundation in educational research. Highly motivated in doing research in the interdisciplinary areas of educational information and technology.
  5. Proficient in English, with a strong potential to publish in the high-level SSCI international journals as well as A-level journals in China.
  6. Available for a full-time job.


  1. The Post-doc will enjoy all the benefits allowed for postdoctoral personnel by the university.
  2. The Post-doc will enjoy the apartment rental service in accordance with the university regulations.
  3. The basic salary is RMB ¥100,000 per year (pre-tax). The Post-doc will also enjoy the social security and benefits offered by the country.
  4. If the applicant meets the requirements of the Faculty of Education on Post-doc positions and passing the review, we will provide the same level of benefits provided by the Faculty of Education , the basic salary of ¥200,000 / year (pre-tax, not cumulative).
  5. The contract term is for two years. At the end of the contract, the Post-doc may enjoy the priority to be considered for a permanent position at the DEIT ,if passing the evaluation and accomplishing high achievements.

Application materials

  1. Curriculum vitae;
  2. Digital copies of the following: ID or passport; PhD degree certificate and diploma; official dissertation defense completion proof if still a PhD candidate. The PhD candidate is required to obtain his or her PhD degree diploma within six months of taking on the Post-doc position.
  3. Digital copies of the dissertation (or dissertation draft), and of two representative scholarly publications.
  4. Two reference letters.
  5. Research proposal or work plan for the Post-doc position.

※The application will be open for the public, and the applicant hired based on merit.” Candidates will be initially selected based on application materials. Afterwards, the selected applicants will be notified for face-to-face interviews. Only short-listed applicants for interviews will be notified. No application materials will be returned; please keep a copy of all application materials.


Ms. Jiaqi Cui


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