Talents Recruitment for Post-doctoral Researchers of “Peak Discipline Construction Project of Education” of East China Normal University

2019-12-24  |   1,667 views

The Post-doctoral Research Program under the Peak Discipline Construction Project of the Science of Education, ECNU launched in 2016, is an ideal platform for young elites around the world in the field of education and education-related interdisciplinary research to give full play to their academic potentialities. The Program focuses on education science, curriculum and instruction theory, comparative education, pre-school education, higher education, adult education, vocational and technical education, special education, education technology and other educational interdisciplinary fields. The program offers full time positions and falls into 2 types:

-T1. Open to high caliber doctoral candidates and doctoral degree holders from renowned universities and institutions;

-T2. Open to high caliber doctoral candidates and doctoral degree holders who are from universities and/or disciplines ranking in the top 100 List by QS/THE/US News, and have been enrolled by the ECNU Excellent Post-doctoral Program, the Shanghai Super Post-doctoral Program, or the Post-doctoral International Exchange Program.

Both doctoral candidates and doctor degree holders are welcome.




The applicants should be

-Strict observance of the academic morals and norms and with a sound body and mind.

-Doctoral candidate or doctoral degree holder from renowned universities or institutions. In case of doctoral degree holder, the degree should be obtained within recent 3 years.

-Capable of excellent academic achievements, particularly publications in high-level international and domestic journals.

-Fluent in speaking and writing in at least one foreign language.

-Preferably under 35 years old.


Remunerations and Benefits


-2-year working contract with salary:

T1. RMB200,000.-/Year, before tax or

T2. RMB300,000.-/Year, before tax

-RMB20,000.- relocation allowance

-Social insurance and housing provident fund as per Shanghai municipal regulations. In case the nationality other than China, commercial medical insurance and personal incident insurance will be arranged;

-Post-doctor apartment rental, campus parking permit and worker’s union membership;

-International academic communication sponsorship of a maximum of RMB30,000 for the qualified applicants.

-Support to the intermediate professional qualification as Assistant Research Fellow.

-Registered permanent residence migration and child/children enrollment in kindergarten/ school as per the policies stipulated by the National Post-Doctor Regulatory Commission;

-Priority access to the ECNU Talent Program for excellent achievers in case A is scored for his achievement appraisal in the contract term.


Selection Process


Applicants are required to submit the following materials to the mailbox below:

-Post-doctoral Research Program Application Form (Click to download);

-Soft copy of 2 research papers or dissertation (In case the page numbers of the dissertation exceed 50 pages, the abstract and a condensed version of the dissertation should be provided instead);

-2 recommendation letters by experts;

-Post-doctoral Research Proposal (Click to download)

A spot interview or remote interview will be arranged for the qualified applicants.


In case more information is needed, please contact:

Ms. Wang Li

Phone: +86 21 6223 2683

E-mail: lwang@ses.ecnu.edu.cn