Xiaoxin Du

2017-12-13  |   1,423 views

Du Xiaoxin


Professor of Department of Educational Rehabilitation Science


+86-21- 62232610


Scholarly Interests

Special children cognition and psychology,

Special education research method, etc.

Selected Publications

1.On the Sequence Reasoning Ability of Hearing-Impaired Fourth-Grade Primary School Students and Related Interventions,2017.

2.The Relationship Between Special Needs Children’s Parents’ Mindfulness and Anxiety: the Mediating Effect of Coping Styles,2016.

3.The Effects of Different Symbols of Numerical Information on the Eye Movements of Hearing-Impaired Persons,2015.

4.On Deaf Persons’ Attention Capture Based on Graphics’ Feature Values,2014.

5.Affective priming effect of 12 – 16 year-old children with autism spectrum disorders for facial expression recognition,2014.

6.Influence of Changing Expression Facial Visual Scanning Information Characteristics on of Autistic Children,2014.

7.Eye Movement Research on Comprehension Monitoring in Reading between Students with and without Hearing Impairment,2014.

8.The SNARC Effect of Odd/Even Parity Judgment Among Deaf Students,2014.

9.The Cognitive Intervention for Aphasic Patients,2014.