Fei Zan

2017-09-21  |   1,552 views

Zan Fei


Associate professor of the Department of Special Education




Scholarly Interests

Psychology and education for exceptional children

Klinische intervention for exceptional children

Teacher education in special education

Selected Publications

1. An Overview of the Researches into the Functional Assessment and Intervention Strategies for Self-Injurious Behavior from Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders, Chinese Journal of Special Education, 2016.

2. Pre-service Inclusive Teacher Education Model in Foreign Countries and Its Inspiration, Basic Education. 2015.

3. The Response to Students’ Special Educational Needs in Regular Schools: Taking the UK As an Example, Studies in Foreign Education, 2011.

4. Survey and Enlightenment of The Homebound Education in Taiwan, Basic Education, 2011.

5. A Review of the Self-Esteem of Those with Intellectual Disabilities and Relevant Social Comparisons, Chinese Journal of Special Education, 2011.

6. On the Investigation into In-service Teachers' Self-efficacy in Inclusive Education in Shanghai, Chinese Journal of Special Education, 2011.

7. The Model of Response to the Children with Learning Difficulties Who Has Special Education Needs in America — The Model of RTI, Studies in Foreign Education, 2011.