Xiang Feng

2017-12-13  |   1,541 views

Feng Xiang


Associate researcher of Department of Education Information Technology




Scholarly Interests

Internet Education Service Technology and Mode, Education Data and Learning Analysis, The Application of Machine Learning in Education

Selected Publications


1.Designing an Open and Flexible Tutorial Eco-system for Web Application & Services, 2016.

2.A case study of project-based industrial collaborative learning courses for teaching high school programming development in China, 2016.

3.The Architecture of learning analysis system based on mass data technology, 2014.

4.The intelligent terminal system software of Asset management, 2014.

5.The asset information management system, 2014.

6.The Storage, retrieval and recombination method and equipment of slides based on presentation documents, 2014.

7.Mobile Application Protection Solution Based on 3G Security Architecture and OpenID, 2013.

8.The design of Intelligent learning experience, 2013.

9.The service platform of printed teaching-aided books based on the two-dimensional code technology, 2013.

10.The software of Cross-platform intelligent digital education service platform, 2013.

11.The Learning System Based on the Android Mobile Terminal, 2013.

12.The SaaS Software Development Model of the Fusion of software stores and web aggregation, 2012.

13.A Research on standard construction of educational application on the Internet, 2012.

14.A System and its Management Method for managing publications’ electronic resources by two-dimensional code, 2012.

15.A Cross-Platform system and its presentation method of publications’ two-dimensional code electronic resources, 2012.

16.    A social network service solution based on mobile subscriber contact-books, 2010.

17.    Software Authentication Method and Equipment, 2010.

18.    User-driven GIS software reuse solution based on SOA and Web2.0 concept, 2009.