Jian Huang

2018-04-10  |   2,417 views

Name: Huang Jian

Email: hjhrd@163.com

Department: Shanghai Municipal Institute for Lifelong Education




Huang Jian is a professor and the deputy director of Shanghai Municipal Institute for Lifelong Education. Her research interests include lifelong learning & education, mainly focusing on lifelong learning policy, human recourse development, community learning and elder education, lifelong learning & education, workplace learning theory and practice, professionalization, etc. She has published a few works including “Perspective of International Research Hot Spot in the Field of Workplace Learning-Based on the Study of Literature from Seven Western Academic Journals Between 2005 and 2015,” “Professionalization of Adult Educators: A Guarantee of the Quality of Adult Learning–A Review of the International Conference ‘Professionalization of Adult Educators from the International Comparative Perspective’,” and “Enlightenment of Lifelong Education Legislation Abroad——Based on the Text Analysis of Laws and Regulations of America, Japan and South Korea,” and so on.