Lihua Ma

2017-12-14  |   1,561 views

Ma Lihua


Lecturer of the Institute of Vocational & Adult Education 


8621- 62233805


Scholarly Interests

Selected Publications

1.Review of the 2016 Annual Conference of Adult Education Scientific Research Working Committee of China Adult Education Association and”Seminar of Constructing the Sustainable Learning Cities”,2016.

2.Thoughts and Countermeasures of Developing the Elderly Education in the General Situation of the Elderly Career,2016.

3.Research on the New Urbanization and the Development of Community Education,2014.

4.Ten Years of Learning City Construction in China: Course, Characteristics and Regularity,2013.

5.Achievements, Challenges and Directions of Chinese Adult Education in the New Century: Based on the Six Perspectives of UNESCO Learning City,2013.