Suju Lu

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Lu Suju



Assistant researcher of the Institute of Vocational & Adult Education





Scholarly Interests

Selected Publications

1.The Analysis of Behavior Patterns of Enterprises Participating in Vocational Education in the Perspective of Life Cycle, 2016.

2.Multi Win Promoting a New Life: A New Interpretation of the Importance and Possibility of Migrant Worker Training—In the Perspective of Labor Economics, 2015.

3.A New Trend of Japanese Vocational Education Research in the Transition Period—A Research Review of the Fifty-Fourth and Fifty-Fifth Annual Conference of Japanese Society of Industrial Education, 2015.

4.Realizing Sustainable Development: The Reconstruction of Education in Lifelong Learning Era—The Interview with Prof. Muye Du of University of Tokyo, 2015.

5.The Research Situation of Agricultural Education System in Japan, 2015.

6.How to Change From ‘Disorder’ To ‘Order’: An Interpretation of the Phenomenon of ‘Working as a Tourist’ In the New Generation of Migrant Workers, 2015.

7.The Thinking of Optimizing the Way to Improve the Professional Ability of Migrant Workers—Based on the Perspective of Labor Supply, 2015.

8.How to Achieve Common Development: The Choice of Employee Training in the Enterprises of Different Ownerships, 2014.

9.The Experience and Enlightenment of Promoting the Convergence of Secondary and High (Technical) Education in Japan, 2014.

10.The Change of the Government’s Role in the Training Policy of Migrant Workers, 2014.

11.The Analysis of the Training Needs of Migrant Workers in the Perspective of Labor Supply, 2013.

12.Multiple Cooperation and Regional Integration: The Opening Road of Nihon University, 2013.

13.An Investigation and Analysis of Career Maturity and Professional Commitment of Secondary Vocational School Students, 2013.

14.Professional Developing Strategy of Vocational College Teachers in the Perspective of Tacit Knowledge, 2013.

15.A Research on the Relationship Between Professional Commitment and Learning Burnout of Secondary Vocational School Students, 2013.