Ling Li

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Li Lin


Lecturer of Department of Education Science



Scholarly Interests

Chinese education history, politics and culture in Ming and Qing dynasty, cross-cultural education exchange, etc.

Selected Publications

Major academic works:

1.A Study on the Jinshi Group in the Twelfth Year of Guangxu, Hongkong: Zhonghua Book Press,2015.

Academic papers:

1.Study on the Promotion Quota and Structural Distribution of Military Licentiaties in the Qing Dynasty[J]. Historical Review,2016(6).

2.Supervision, Training and Examination for Military Licentiates in the Qing Dynasty[J]. Journal of Historical Science,2015(12).

3.Manchu and Mongolian Colleges in the Late Qing Dynasty[J]. Journal of Research on Education for Ethnic Minorities,2015(6).

4.Promotion Quota, Group Population and Geographical Distribution of Military Licentiates in the Qing Dynasty[J]. Journal of East China Normal University,2015(3).

5.The Historical Context and Meaning Origin of the Word of tereotyped Party Writing J]. CPC History Studies,2015(3).

6.On the Qualification of Candidates of Military Examination[J]. Historical Archives, 2015(3).

7.The Study on Jinshi Academy in the Late Qing Dynasty€?Transformation Challenge and Opportunity of the Emperor’s Elite Students[J]. Qinghua Journal, 2014(3).

Translation works:

1.Manchu to Chinese and English:

LI Lin, Mavis Hing-yu FUNG, CHONG Man-lung, Loretta E. KIM, “Heritage in Translation: ‘A Dagur Story’ as Historical Fiction and Sample Text for Learning Manchu Part One”, inSAKSAHA: A Journal of Manchu Studies, Vol. 13(2015), pp. 63-73.