Lili Liu

2017-12-14  |   976 views

Liu Lili


Researcher of National Training Center for Secondary School Principal



Scholarly Interests

Education Human Resource Management,School Management,Private Education

Selected Publications

1.Research on College Students’ Innovative and Enterprising Ability Based on TRIZ Theory [J]. School Party Building and Ideological Education, 2017, (7).

2.Investigation and Countermeasure Research on the Current Situation of College Students’ Network Behavior – Based on the Survey of Students of Gansu University of Traditional Chinese Medicine [J]. Gansu Science and Technology, 2016, (12).

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4.(School of Management, Zhejiang University, Hangzhou 310027, China); Research on the Mode of Educational Management in Colleges and Universities under Human-oriented Thought [J].

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7.On the Problem of College Students’ Self-Entrepreneurship [J]. Chinese Journal of Employment, 2016, (8).

8.A Preliminary Study on the “Road” of the National Music Course in Pre – school Education in Normal Colleges [J]. Music Time and Space, 2016, (5).

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15.The Characteristics of Teacher and Student Management in American College of Arts and Sciences and Its Enlightenment to Chinese Colleges and Universities – Taking Williams College as an Example [J]. Jiangsu Higher Education, 2015, (11).