Zuhao Wang

2018-04-10  |   1,860 views

Name: Wang Zuhao

Email: zhwang@chem.ecnu.edu.cn

Department: School of Teacher Education


Wang Zuhao is a professor in the School of Teacher Education. He is mainly engaged in the chemistry curriculum development and evaluation, international comparison of science curriculum, scientific ability model construction and assessment, and professional development of science teachers. He has published a series of books such as International Comparative Study on Science Textbooks Difficulty in Primary and Secondary School, Assessment and International Comparative Study on Learning Difficulty of Chemistry Textbooks., Research Methods of Chemical Experiment and its Teaching Application, Chemistry Teaching Theory Based on Cases and so on. He has published a few articles including “Development of an instrument to evaluate high school students’ chemical symbol representation abilities,” “Chemistry teachers’ knowledge and application of models,” “Students’ cognitive reasoning of graphs: characteristics and progression,” etc.