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Shen Wei



Associate professor of the International and Comparative Education





Scholarly Interests

Educational Administration and Leadership, Teacher Professional Development

Selected Publications


1.SHEN Wei, CHEN Yuhua & HUANG Xiaorui (2016). Secondary teachers’ working condition: Investigation in Z city of Henan Province. Global Education. 12: 80-84.

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Fellowships and Grants

1.SHEN Wei (Host). Quality indicator construction of local education in the process of urbanization. Sponsored by National Office for Education Sciences Planning. 2013-2016.

2.SHEN Wei (Host). Professional support for teaching-research officers’ development. Sponsored by Fortune Pharmacal Lai Yung Kwoon Foundation Limited. 2012-2016.

3.SHEN Wei (Principal Investigator). Investigation on higher school curriculum implementation. Sponsored by Elementary Education Office, MOE. 2012.

Selected presentations

1.SHEN Wei. Teaching commitment and curriculum understanding under the background of educational reform. 11th International Symposium on Teacher Education in East Asia. Wuhan. 2016

2.SHEN Wei. Quality assurance for compulsory education during the process of urbanization in Mainland China. Annual conference of Educational Administration. Shanghai. 2013.

3.SHEN Wei. Teaching-research officers’ identification and agency in the system of educational quality assurance. Chinese Education Forum. Hong Kong. 2012.

4.SHEN Wei. Teaching-research officers in Mainland China: Practice, effects and rationale. British Educational Leadership Management and Administration Society. Bedford: United Kingdom. 2011.