Xiangdong Yang

2017-12-13  |   1,451 views




Yang Xiangdong



Researcher of the Institute of Curriculum and Instruction






Scholarly Interests

Psychometric analysis, computer adaptive testing, educational measurement and evaluation, application of statistical analysis

Selected Publications

1.Main points of Key Competencies Assessment,2017.

2.Key Competencies and Deepening Basic Education Curriculum Reform,2017.

3.How do We Perceive the "Learning to Learn" of the Key Competency,2017.

4.The Development and Reflection of Creative Assessments in Specific Disciplines,2017.

5.The Relationship Between Key Competencies and Basic Education Curriculum Reform,2016.

6.Toward a Construct – driven Approach to Authentic Assessment,2015.

7.A Meta-analysis of the effect of Private Tutoring on Student Academic Achievement,2015.

8.School-based Curriculum Planning: What Is Short Board -An Analysis of Junior High School-based Curriculum Planning in City Z,2016.