Xiaodong Liu

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Xiaodong Liu


Professor of the Department of Early Childhood Education



Scholarly Interests

Philosophy of childhood, philosophy of education, fundamentals of early childhood education

Selected Publications


1.Against Children’s reciting Ancient Classics, Nanjing: Jiangsu Education Publishing House, 2009.

New Horizons of Child Education, Nanjing: Jiangsu Education Publishing House, 1998; 2nd ed., 2008.

2.Emancipation of Children, Beijing: Xinhua Publishing House, 2002; 2nd ed., Nanjing: Jiangsu Education Publishing House, 2008.

3.Children’s Culture and Children’s Education, Beijing: Educational Science Publishing House, 2006.

4.Philosophy of Children’s Mind, Nanjing: Nanjing Normal University Publishing House, 1999; newly printed, 2010.

5.Early Childhood Education (ed.), Nanjing: Jiangsu Education Publishing House, 2004.

6.’Culture in the Perspective of Moral Education’ (chapter 2), ‘Moral and Cognitive’ (chapter 1), New Theory of Moral Education, Lu Jie, ed., Nanjing: Jiangsu Education Publishing House, 2000.

7.’Origin of Children’s Moral Cognition and Its Education’, Theory and Practice of Moral Education in Early Childhood, Lu Lezhen.ed., Fuzhou: Fujian Education Publishing House, 1999.

8.’Wisdom of Teaching’, Wise teachers, Diao Peie ed., Beijing: Educational Science Publishing House, 2005.


1.(Liu Xiaodong has published about 240 articles. The following are representatives.)

How Childhood Can be so Rich: The Perspective of the History of Thought, Journal of Nanjing Normal University (Social Science Edition), 5(2017).

2.”Copernican Revolution” in Pedagogy, Educational Research and Experiment,4(2017).

3.Philosophy of Primal Heart of Childhood, Moral Education China, 11(2017)

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Research Projects:


Modern position and modern ideas of child education, the National Social Science Fund of China.


The View of the Child- Cultural Reflections on Tradition and Its Modernization, the National Social Science Fund of China.

3.Reflections on Child Moral Education in China, Key Research Bases for Human and Social Science Studies, Ministry of Education, PRC.


Against Children’s reciting Ancient Classics, the National Social Science Fund of China.


5.Children are Culture and Its Educational Significance, the National Office for Education Sciences Planning.