Ying Kuang

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Kuang Ying



Assistant researcher of the Institute of Vocational & Adult Education





Scholarly Interests

Principles of vocational and technical education,

Teachers’ professional development in vocational colleges, etc.

Selected Publications

Major academic works

1.Comparative Higher Vocational Education: Development And Reform, Shanghai Education Press, 2006

2.Today We Do Class Teacher (In The Volume), East China Normal University Press, 2006


1.Research On The Mode Of Innovative Moral Education In Secondary Vocational Schools, China Social Science Press, 2012 (To Be Published)

2.Participated In The “New Features Of The Times And Vocational Education Innovation” A Total Of Seven Papers, Edited By Shi Weiping, Shanghai Education Press, 2006

3.Participated In The “International Education Theme Comparison” Chapter Iii, Wang Ying Editor, People’s Education Press, 2012

Academic papers

1.The Evolution Of The Qualification Framework Of Britain And Australia And The Development Of Multi – Level Higher Vocational Education[J].Research On Higher Engineering Education,2013,(7).

2.What Is Professional Competence – Based On Comparative Analysis[J].Higher Education In Jiangsu Province,2010,(1).

3.A Comparative Study Of Group Education In Vocational Education[J].Research On Educational Development,2008,(3).

4.An International Comparative Study On The Model Of Vocational Education Group[J].Foreign Education Research,2008,(6).

5.Differentiation And Analysis Of “Double Creation” Education In Vocational Colleges: Based On Realistic Examination And Rational Thinking[J].Educational Research,2017,(2).

6.The Transformation Of Talents Training Goals In Higher Vocational Education – From “Technical Applied Talents” To “Highly Skilled Talents”[J].Vocational And Technical Education,2006,(8).

7.The Development Of Vocational And Technical Education In China In The 30 Years Of Reform And Opening – Up[J].Educational Research,2009,(5).

8.How To Promote The Coordinated And Sustainable Development Of Group Education In Vocational Education[J].Journal Of Jiangsu Teachers University Of Technology (Vocational Education),2008,(11).