Ying Yue

2017-12-23  |   758 views

Yue Ying


Lecturer of Institute of Higher Education




Scholarly Interests

Academic career, postgraduate education, undergraduate development, comparative higher education.

Selected Publications


1.YUE Ying. Occupation Choice of Academic Postgraduates and Gender Differences[J]. Research in Educational Development, 2017, 59-63, 71. (In Chinese)

2.YUE Ying. Academic Specialization Identity of Independently-Enrolled Students[J]. Global Education, 2017, 46(7), 10-20. (In Chinese)

3.YUE Ying. The Status of Independently-Enrolled Students’Creativity and Its Influence Mechanism[J]. Fudan Education Forum, 2017, 15(3): 18-24. (In Chinese)

4.YUE Ying. Origin of the “Up-or-out” System and Rationality of its Probationary Period[J]. Peking University Education Review, 2015(2): 67-79, 189. (In Chinese)

5.Guangcai Yan, Ying Yue& Menghu Niu. An Empirical Study of Faculty Mobility in China[J]. Higher Education, 2015, 69(4):527-546 (DOI 10.1007/s10734-014-9789-y). (In English)

6.YUE Ying. Operational Characteristics of Internal Quality Assurance System for the UK Postgraduate Education: A Case Study of Cambridge University[J].Comparative Education Review, 2014, 10: 67-72. (In Chinese)

7.YUE Ying. The Conflicts between Newman’s University Ideal and Reality[J]. Journal of Higher Education, 2014, 5, 86-91. (In Chinese)

8.Martin J. Finkelstein, YUE Ying(traslated). Governance of the US University: Organizational Structure and Changing Power Relationships in Comparative Perspective[J]. Journal of Macao Polytechnic Institute, 2013, 1: 82-88. (In Chinese)

9.YAN Guangcai, YUE Ying. The Recognition Mechanism and Its Rationality in the Process of Academic Evaluation in Higher Education Institutions[J]. Educational Research, 2012, 10: 75-83. (In Chinese)