Na Yu

2018-04-10  |   1,593 views

Name: Yu na


Department: School of Teacher Education



Yu Na is a professor in the School of Teacher Education. Her research interests align along two axes: 1) the evolution of crustacean, focusing on the phylogeny relationship and the relationship between fauna and environment. Although the questions address and the methods she employs are not taxon-specific, her focus is on Ostracoda because they are diverse, important components of aquatic ecosystems, possess a dense fossil record since Cambria. Her work data derived from field and museum studies, with molecular and environmental datasets. And 2) the biology education, focusing on the pre-service teacher education, and the biology curriculum development for Chinese students in middle school and high school. The newest component of her research is writing the new textbook, which will be used by high school students of Shanghai in the fall semester of 2019.