Yucui Ju

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Ju Yucui


Professor and Doctorial Tutor of Department of Education Science



Scholarly Interests

Educational Philosophy, Teacher Education, Student Guidance

Selected Publications


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Research Projects:

1.Manage the Normal Project of National Social Science Fund Education “Examination and Supervision of School Morality Atmosphere”.

2.Manage the Pujiang Talents Project “Supervision and Intervention of School Morality Atmosphere”.

3.National Key Project: The Development and Enlightenment of Western Educational Philosophy in Transition Period; In Charge of the Sub-project “Education Philosophy Transition and Teacher Education Reform”.

4.University Social Science Key Project of National Ministry of Education: School Education and Children Development; In Charge of the Sub-project “Teacher and Student Development”.

5.University Social Science Key Project of National Ministry of Education: The Way to Researcher Type Teacher.

6.National Ministry of Education the Ninth Five-year Plan Key Project: Psychological Guidance of Primary School, Chapter ?Teacher Accomplishment and Pupil Psychological Health.

7.National Ministry of Education the Ninth Five-year Plan Social Science Key Project: the Literary Collections of the Subject Teaching Psychology in Middle and Primary School, Psychology of Idea and Morality Teaching, Chapter Psychological Mechanism of Ability Formation and Development in Idea and Morality Subject.

8.National Education Science the Ninth Five-year Plan Key Project: Comparative Study of the Social and Nonsocial Cognition Development of Middle and Primary Students; In Charge of the Sub-project: The Development of Children’s Choice in Space and Social Point.

9.Chinese-British Cooperation Project: Bullying Behavior and Intervention of Middle and Primary Students.

10.National Education Science the Eighth Five-year Plan Key Project: The Literary Collections of Pupil Mental Health, Pupil Mental Health, Chapter Home Education and Pupil Mental Health.


11.Argument and Construction, the Second Award of Shanghai 11th Philosophy Social Science Outstanding Achievement, Writing Class, 2012.

12.Step into Teachers’ Life, the Third Award of Shanghai 8th Philosophy Social Science Outstanding Achievement, Writing Class.