2018 Talents Recruitment for Post-doctoral Researcher of “Peak Discipline Construction Project of Education” of East China Normal University

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2018 Talents Recruitment for Post-doctoral Researcher of “Peak Discipline Construction Project of Education” of East China Normal University

Since 2016, the Post-doctoral Research Mobile Center of Education of East China Normal University (ECNU) has lunched the “Peak Discipline Construction Project” , aiming to attract global young elite talents and provide high-level research platform for outstanding doctor graduates who are interested in education science, theory of curriculum and instruction, comparative education, pre-school education, higher education, adult education, vocational and technical education, special education, education technology and other interdisciplinary fields.

I. Recruitment Number and Qualifications

In 2018, we have eight vacancies for the position. The qualifications are listed as following:

1. Follow academic ethics and be sound both in body and mind;

2. Earn a doctoral degree from a world-renowned university or research institution (the doctoral degree should be acquired within recent two years or is about to be acquired); in principle, the applicants should be under 35 years old (except for especially excellent applicants);

3. Be proficient in foreign language, have got excellent academic achievements and have the ability to publish paper in SSCI journals and influential journals (category A) in China;

4. Full-time postdoctoral research work is essential.

II. Welfare & Remuneration

1. Sign a two-year work agreement. The annual salary and allowance before taxes are not less than RMB 200,000 yuan. And there will be a relocation allowance of RMB 20,000 yuan. Especially excellent candidates can also apply for “Postdoctoral International Exchange Program”, in which the winner can get annual salary and allowance not less than RMB 300,000 yuan (pre-tax);

2. Postdoctoral candidates can conduct the procedures involving renting the postdoctoral apartment, campus parking permit and joining the Labor Union according to our regulations;

3. Postdoctoral researchers can receive financial support up to RMB 30,000 yuan for academic communication activities abroad;

4. Postdoctoral researchers who meet the qualification requirements of intermediate professional and technical positions can apply to identify the qualifications for assistant researcher;

5. Postdoctoral candidates can enjoy related polices published by the National Post-Doctoral Management Committee, such as transfer the household registration and archive; their children can enjoy local education and other policies;

6. At the expiration of the agreement, the Faculty of Education will give priority to recommend excellent personnel joining our Talents Scheme.

III. Application Procedures

The recruitment in this year will be held in four quarters respectively and the deadlines for application in each quarter are: February 28th, May 18th, August 24th and November 16th. Please send your following application materials to the contact:

1. Application Form for Post-doctoral researcher of “Peak Discipline Construction Project of Education”;

2. The electronic edition of two representative publications or your doctoral dissertation (for the publications with over 50 pages, please provide the abstract or the condensed version);

3. The Postdoctoral Working Plan.

Note: please visit
to download the format of Application Form and the Postdoctoral Working Plan.

We will adhere to the principle of “public recruitment, merit-based admission” to carry out the preliminary examination on the application materials and then arrange uniform interview for the candidates who pass the primary review. Application materials are not refundable.

IV. Contacts

Contact: Ms. Zhang

E-mail: arzhang@ed.ecnu.edu.cn

Tel: (021) 62233276