Delegation from the Faculty of Education, ECNU Visits Russian Universities

2018-11-30  |   478 views

Aiming to speed up the internationalization process, promote the construction of first-class disciplines in Education, and facilitate educational communication and cooperation with Russian universities, from November 26 to 30, 2018, Professor Yuan Zhenguo, Dean of the Faculty, led a delegation of the Faculty of Education to visit two famous Russian universities, Moscow State Pedagogical University and Peter the Great Saint-Petersburg Polytechnic University. The delegation also included: Prof. Li Weisheng, Head of Department of Educational Administration, Prof. Xun Yuan from Institute for Advanced Studies in Education, Prof. Jiang Yong from Department of Preschool Education, Director Yang Guangfu from Student Affairs Division and Hu Yuman from International Affairs Division.

The delegation’s first stop was Moscow State Pedagogical University, which ranks No.1 among pedagogical universities in Russia and the CIS countries. ECNU has established cooperative relations with Moscow State Pedagogical University for several years, and realized interaction and cooperation in mutual academic visits, student exchange programs and so forth.


Representatives from Moscow State Pedagogical University received the delegation, including Assistant Principal K.P.Dotsenko, Vyacheslav Kruglov (Director of International Relations Office), Alina Stabrovskaya (Director of International Cooperation Department). Dr. K.P. Dotsenko introduced that 75% of their majors are education related, and expressed their keen intentions of further collaboration with the Faculty of Education, ECNU.

Dean Yuan Zhenguo introduced the basic situation of the Faculty of Education, and focused on the important measures of the Faculty in promoting the internationalization process, including: long-term mechanism for mutual staff-student academic visits with international high-level universities; the “International Academic Exchange Week” project with world-famous universities; the Global Education Deans’ Forum; the initial issue of the English journal ECNU Review of Education. After detailed discussions, the two sides chose the “International Academic Exchange Week” project as the starting point to establish and strengthen collaboration on education discipline, and conduct mutual staff-student academic visits.

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The delegation’s second stop was Peter the Great Saint-Petersburg Polytechnic University. Satalkina Evgenia Vasilievna (Director of International Education Office), Krasnoshchekov Victor (Director of Higher School of International Educational), Elizaveta Sukhova (Head of International Educational Programs and Academic Mobility Department) had in-depth communication with the delegation.

After nearly two-hour talks, the two sides achieved an agreement to conduct joint research in educational disciplines in terms of artificial intelligence, brain science research and so on, as well as strengthen communication and collaboration in the Department of Educational Psychology. At the meeting, Director Vasilievna sincerely invited ECNU leadership to participate in the university’s 120th anniversary celebrations to be held in next May.

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During the visits, the delegation had a further in-depth understanding on its educational research and development of Russian universities, and initiated academic exchanges and cooperation between the Faculty of Education and Russian universities. The Faculty of Education will follow the national “the Belt and Road Initiative” to expand education research cooperation with universities and institutions of those listing countries, and further promote first-class discipline construction and internationalization development strategy of ECNU.