2023 International Highlights Ⅴ: International Academic Visit to European Institutions

2024-01-12  |   90 views

The First Stop: Institute of Education, University College London

On October 17, Professor YUAN Zhenguo, Dean of the Faculty of Education, led a delegation to the Institute of Education of University College London. The purpose was to investigate the frontiers of global education research, discuss the strategic layout of scientific research focusing on contribution and impact, and present the latest advancements in Chinese education to the top international institutions. The delegation members included Professor CHEN Shuangye, Associate Dean of the Faculty of Education; Professor HUANG Zhongjing, Head of the Department of Education; Mr. ZHANG Kai, Deputy Director of the Institute of AI Education, Shanghai; Ms. QIU Yue, Director of the International Affairs Division of the Faculty of Education; and Dr. YOU Li, Editorial Director of ECNU Review of Education.



The Second Stop: OECD

On October 23, the delegation of Faculty of Education visited the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). They investigated the new progress of SSES worldwide and frontiers of OECD education policies, as well as the development of OECD digital education. Meanwhile, the delegation also shared the cutting-edge practice of the Chinese team, and introduced China’s education policies and research trends.



The Third Stop: UNESCO

On October 24, the delegation visited the headquarter of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) and met with Ambassador YANG Jin, Permanent Representative General to UNESCO. The delegation also visited the UNESCO International Institute of Education Planning and The European Institute of Education and Policy to investigate UNESCO’s major strategies and priority projects in the field of education. They provided a comprehensive overview of the latest progress in China’s educational disciplines to UNESCO and other institutions.