Guangfu Yang

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Yang Guangfu



Associate Professor and Master Tutor of Department of Education Science




Scholarly Interests

The History of Foreign Education, School Guidance, Comparative Education

Selected Publications


1.Yang, G.F.(2010). Comparative Study on Training Mode of Foreign Leaders. Beijing: Guangming Daily Press.

2.Yang, G.F.(2010).(Associate editor) Administrative Law of Education in the UK. Beijing: China University of Political Science and Law Press.

Translated Books:

1.Bigalke T.W., Neubauer D.E. (2012). (main translator) Higher Education in Asia/Pacific: Quality and the Public Good. Shanghai: East China Normal University Press.

2.Hershock P.D., Mark Mason, Hawkins J.N.. (2009). (main translator) Changing Education-Leadership Innovation and Development in a Globalizing Asia Pacific. Shanghai: East China Normal University Press.


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10.Yang, G.F. (2008). Brown Administration’s three Methods on Primary and Secondary School reform.Research in Educational Development, (11).

Research Projects:

1.Manage the Youth Project of MOE (Ministry of Education in China) Project of Humanities and Social Sciences Fund “Research on the Development of Students’ Guidance System in Abroad”.