Jidong Guo

2017-12-17  |   1,551 views

Guo Jidong

Associate Professor of the Department of Education Management




Scholarly Interests

Education management; human resources management

Selected Publications

Academic papers:

1.School Management, Human Resource Management, Teacher Education.

2.Discrimination Of School Characteristics And Characteristic Schools – Reflections On The Definition Of Concepts In Schools[J].Management Of Primary And Secondary Schools,2000,(11).

3.Improving The Quality Of Work Life: A New Perspective Of Teacher Management[J].Nanjing Social Sciences,2009,(12).

4.Differentiation And Analysis Of Some Problems In “Research – Based Learning”[J].Educational Science,2001,(12)

5.Construction Of School Improvement Planning Execution System[J].Journal Of China Education,2010,(3)

6.On The Reform Of Curriculum Management System In China,[J].Teaching And Management,1998,(8).

7.Research – Based Learning And Teacher ‘S Role Transformation[J].Educational Research And Experiment,2003,(1).

8.The Historical Evolution And Future Trend Of Educational Human Resource Management[J].Shanghai Education And Research,2011,(2).

9.The Communication Strategy Of School Management[J].Teaching And Management,2012,(11).

10.An Analysis Of The Relationship Between Inquiry Learning And Inquiry Learning[J].Shandong Education And Scientific Research,2001,(12).