Jian Zhao

2017-09-21  |   1,483 views



Zhao Jian



Associate Professor of the Institute of the International and Comparative Education




Scholarly Interests

Learning in variable settings(Schools or Museums);comparative study on International Baccalaureate education; educational internationalization in k-12 schooling system; technology-based learning; School Improvement.

Selected Publications

1.Learning Space of Interaction and Knowledge Generation and School Educational Reform: Study on Connotation of e-Learning Space and Development of School Education, E-education Research, 2017.

2.A study on game design and practice in Chinese instruction for lower grades in primary school. Ability and Wisdom, 2017.

3.Content Analysis Based Teachers’ Network Training Platform Construction and Prospection, CET China Educational Technology, 2017.

4.A study on co-cultivation strategies of applied talents in colleges, Chinese University Technology Transfer, 2017.

5.The New ICT Curriculum Standard on Chinese High School: Rationale and Contents, China Educational Technology, 2016.

6.Learning science: new perspectives to teaching reformation. 2015.

7.Basic education in eastern and western countries: on international perspectives. World Education Information, 2015.

8.Learning science and educational reformation, Educational Research, 2014.

9.Chinese Teacher Professional Development Practice and Its Effects on Students' Achievement: Based on a Survey for Five Sample Cities, Global Education, 2013.

10.Analysis on the intermediary role among teacher learning community based on structural holes theory, E-education Research, 2013.

11.An investigation on operation effect of teacher learning community in the internet context, China Educational Technology, 2013.