Feng Li

2017-12-13  |   1,589 views

Li Feng


Associate Professor of Department of Education Information and Technology

Scholarly Interests

Information Technology Education, Interactive Learning Environments

Selected Publications


1. Li-feng(2015),Standards-based Instruction Design, East China Normal University Press.

2. Li-feng ,Wang-jiqing(2016),Information technology school book,Shanghai Science and Technology Press.


1.Li-feng,Xiong-zhang,Ren-youqun(2017),Focused Digital Competitiveness, Developing Key Competence, e-Education Research

2. Li-feng,Xiong-zhang(2017), A Key-Competency Oriented ICT Curriculum: Data and Computing module, China Education Technology,

3. Li-feng,Zhao-jian(2016), The New ICT Curriculum Standard on Chinese High school: Rationale and Contents, China Education Technology,

4. Li-feng,Zhang-bin(2015),Standard-based Micro-course Design, Curriculum , Instruction material and Methond