Liping Guo

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Guo Liping



Professor of the Department of Early Childhood Education




Scholarly Interests

Cognitive Development and Education of Children

Assessment of Pre-school Education Quality

Computer Supported Kindergarten Education

Research on Kindergarten Teaching Aids

Selected Publications

1.Changes in Management Functions in Early Childhood Service Based on the Concept of “Governance”: Current Situation in European and American Countries, Modern Education Management, 2017.

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5.Preschool Education Quality Rating and Improvement System of America: the Status of Implementation and Challenges, Studies in Foreign Education, 2016.

6.The Review of the Effective Pre-school Education Project in the UK, Journal of Jimei University, 2016.

7.Features and Implications of Early Childhood Longitudinal Study-Birth Cohort in the US, Journal of Ningbo University, 2016

8.Guo Liping, Li Lin. Reform and Development of China’s Preschool Education in the 21st Century. ECNU Review, 2015, 4: 236-249.

9.The Analysis of Children’s Development Evaluation Tool in Foreign Longitudinal Study and its Inspiration, Studies in Foreign Education, 2015.

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