Xiao Liu

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Xiao Liu



Lecturer of National Institute of Educational Policy Research





Scholarly Interests

Selected Publications

Academic papers:

1.An Analysis Of Self – Evaluation System Of Postgraduate Education – Experience Of Germany And France[J].Degree And Postgraduate Education,2014,(11).

2.On The Implementation Of Educational Policy In “Up – And – Down Interaction” – A Case Study Of Free Education Policy For Normal Students[J].Research On Educational Development,2016,(5).

3.Policy Advocate Higher Education Reform – A Comment On The 30th Anniversary Of The Decree Of The Cpc Central Committee On The Reform Of Educational System[J].Fudan Education Forum,2015,(9).

4.The Role Of Government In The Evaluation Of Higher Education In France And Germany[J].Comparative Education Research,2014,(10).

5.The Implications And Segments Of Intellectuals And University Scholar[J].University Education Science,2014,(11).

6.The Problems And Paths Of Educational Research Promoting Government Decision – Making[J].University Education Science,2016,(11).

7.Academic Career: Gambling Or Game?[J].Fudan Education Forum,2013,(7).