Xiaomin Shen

2018-04-10  |   1,730 views

Name: Shen Xiaomin

Email: xmshen@kcx.ecnu.edu.cn

Department: School of Teacher Education



Shen Xiaomin is a professor in the School of Teacher Education. Her research areas are Social studies education, citizenship education, lesson studies, and Japanese education. She is editor of the textbooks Morality and Society (According to the National Curriculum Standard in China.) She published a few articles such as “Remaining true to the Original Aspiration for the Curriculum Reform of Moral Education,” “Kamizono Association Method: An Assessment Tool for Moral Education,” “An Exploration of Economic Education of ‘Compulsory Schooling in China: Teaching Material Development on Foundation upon ”Needs’,” and so on. Currently, she offers courses named Comparative Research on Textbooks of Social Studies, Lesson Studies for Social Studies, Curriculum of Social Studies, and Japanese Education.