Xiangyang Huang

2017-12-12  |   1,476 views

Huang Xiangyang


Associate Professor, postgraduate tutor of Department of Education Science




Scholarly Interests

Educational Principle, Basic Education Reform, Educational Ethics, Principle of Moral Education, Professional Development of Teacher

Selected Publications


1. Huang, X.Y. (2003). Primary School Classroom Strategies Focused on Students’ Development. Beijing: China Radio Film & TV Press.

2. Huang, X.Y. (2001). Research of Leaning to Care. Shanghai: Shanghai Joint Publishing Corporation.

3. Huang, X.Y. (2000). Principle of Moral Education. Shanghai: East China Normal University Press.


1. Huang, X.Y. Purpose of Education

2. Huang, X.Y. Maxis Theory of All-round Development of Human Being

3. Huang, X.Y. Combination of Education and Productive Labor

4. Huang, X.Y. Curriculum and Value

5. Huang, X.Y. More Discussion of Curriculum Value Orientation

6. Huang, X.Y. Value Integration in Curriculum Reform

7. Huang, X.Y. Explosion to Social Standard in John Dewey’s Educational Theory

8. Huang, X.Y. Study of Preliminary Education

9. Huang, X.Y. Educational Context of Philosophy Birth— Analysis of Miele

10. Huang, X.Y. Humble Opinion of Establishing the Students’ Development Guidance System.

Research Projects:

1. Presided the 10th five-year key subject in Ministry of Education: Research of Teachers’ Professional Development Based on Primary and Secondary School.

2. Presided the Key Subject of National Key Humanities and Social Science Research Base in Ministry of Education: Rebuilding Research of School Moral Education Reform and Moral Education Environment in Multi-Valued Background.

3. Presided consulting subject of Shanghai Education Committee: Survey of Teachers’ Ethics and Research of Building Teachers’ Ethics Strategies in Shanghai.