Bo Zhang 张博

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Brief Introduction

Dr Bo Zhang got her doctoral degree in 2017 from SMARTlab, University College Dublin in Ireland. Her research mainly focuses on computer-supported cross-cultural collaborative learning; the application of Virtual learning environment in education; gamification and computer-supported cooperative learning.


Research Interests and Experience

Dr Bo Zhang was a full time funded PhD candidate at SMARTlab and Inclusive Design Research Centre of Ireland (Founding Member) at University College Dublin, Ireland. Her Principal Supervisor is Professor Lizbeth Goodman, who is one of top experts in the Creative Technology Innovation and Inclusive Design fields globally, and is founder and director of SMARTlab, the Inclusive Design Research Centre of Ireland @ UCD and the MAGIC Multimedia and Games Innovation Centre of London. Bo had participated in several projects of SMARTlab and the IDRC at UCD, such as 3d virtual international campus project, virtual world collaborative learning platform-ILEARN project, etc.


Dr Bo Zhang is interested in developing personalised 3D virtual learning environment and emerging collaborative learning technologies (e.g. VR, AR) to support cultural integration and collaboration. She is also interested in developing and investigating games and online learning tools for high efficient learning and performance improvement, in sport of different groups.


Representative Publications


Robb, N., Politis, Y., Northridge, J., & Zhang, B. (2018). Parental intention to support computerised cognitive training for children with genetically defined neurodevelopmental disorders associated with cognitive disabilities. Frontiers in Public Health.

Zhang, B., Robb, N., Eyerman, J. & Goodman, L. (2017). Virtual reality and gamification to increase integration of international students in higher education: an inclusive design approach. International Journal of E-Learning & Distance Education.


Conference Papers

Zhang, B., Robb, N. & Goodman, L. (2018). Emerging educational technologies for cross-cultural collaboration: current perspectives and future directions. SIMUTOOLS ’2017 EAI International Conference on Simulation Tools and Techniques, ACM.

Bo Zhang, Steve Benton, Will Pearson, Julie Le Moines, Nicola Herbertson, Huw Williams, Lizbeth Goodman, (2016) Playing 3D: Digital Technologies and Novel 3d Virtual Environments to support the needs of Chinese learners in Western Education: cross-cultural collaboration, gamification, well-being and social inclusion, Virtual Systems and Multimedia 2016, IEEE, 22nd, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, October 2016.

Bo Zhang, Çağrı Çubukçu, Lizbeth Goodman, Nicola Herbertson, E. Mangina, J. LeMoine, 2016, The Affordances of Virtual Collaborative Tools and Augmented VR Gamification Tools to Enhance Intercultural Education Live & Online. 10th International Technology, Education and Development Conference in Valencia, Spain, INTED2016 Proceedings, P:1565-1572, ISBN: 978-84-608-5617-7, ISSN: 2340-1079, 2015.

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